Mindfulness Meditation provides 
an alternative way to deal with 
life’s inevitable problems. 
This meditation technique 
develops moment-to-moment
awareness and enhances the 
ability to live in the present.

Every intention sets energy into motion
Whether you are conscious of it or not
Gary Zukov



Bringing Awareness to Life at Mahoney Coleman & Associates
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Welcome to “Bringing Awareness to Life”

Bringing Awareness to Life is a company dedicated to guiding people to transform their lives, to live more harmoniously, and to reach their full potential.


Weekend Meditation Retreat: The Four Brahma Viharas, May 3–5, 2019 in Edmonton

Bringing Awareness to Life and Jill Koziey Counselling are co-hosting a weekend non-residential retreat on The Four Brahma Viharas (Loving-Kindness, Compassion, Appreciative Joy and Equanimity) from May 3–5, 2019 in Edmonton at St. Stephen’s College. For further details, please visit the Meditation page and scroll down or download this poster for handy reference or to share.


From Surviving to Thriving: A Personal Growth Program

Anne combines talk therapy with equine-facilitated wellness sessions and meditation

Join us in a compassionate and open environment for this 10-week (12-session) program facilitated by Anne Mahoney, a registered clinical psychologist who for more than 35 years has helped guide people to live more harmoniously and to reach their personal goals.
For further details, please visit the Workshops page.


2019 Daylong Silent Meditation Retreat Series

Bringing Awaresness to Life is hosting a monthly series of daylong meditation retreats in Inglewood from mid-February through mid-June 2019. For further details and specific dates (either the second Saturday or Sunday of the month), please visit the Meditation page and scroll down.


2019 Sitting Group (Sangha) Schedule

March - 6 & 27 [Mar. 20 - NO SITTING]
April - 3 & 17
May - 1 & 15
June - 5 & 19
September - 4 & 18
October - 2 & 16
November - 6 & 20
December - 4 & 18

Location and Time:
Sittings are held at #3, 1922 - 9 Avenue SE, Calgary from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
For further details, please visit Sitting Groups link on the Meditation page.




Hold the Dates! 2019 & 2020 Residential Meditation Retreats

All retreats will be led by Anne Mahoney out at Mt. St. Francis, Cochrane, Alberta

Weekend Metta Retreat 2019 - November 21–24, 2019 (3 nights) (Thursday evening through Sunday after lunch)
Details for the Fall 2019 weekend retreat will be published in late Spring or early Summer. Meanwhile, contact Lyn at 403-286-3403 or kindlykarunamudita@gmail.com

Mindfulness Meditation Retreat 2020 - June 22–28, 2020 (6 nights)(Monday evening through Sunday after lunch)
Weekend Metta Retreat 2020 - November 26–29, 2020 (3 nights) (Thursday evening through Sunday after lunch)