Who We Are & Our Passion for Life!

When life feels automatic and involuntary we can lose the joy and peace in our daily activities. Our routine can feel like a rut and we can feel stuck. We lose perspective when we get caught up in our ruts, feelings and dramas of life. This can lead to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual distress. 
Alternatively, life is wonderous in its richness and fullness when we are truly present, learn to live beyond the automatic, and live life with awareness, harmony, joy and compassion.


Anne Mahoney, Ph.D., R. Psych., F.CGPA.

Clinical Psychologist


Anne Mahoney is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her clinical focus includes working with individuals, couples and groups where issues of shame have limited clients’ potential. Her intention is to help clients understand ways in which family of origin dynamics impact their current life. Anne’s approach has been to integrate mindfulness meditation in her clinical practice; she has done this for the past 16 years.

Outside her clinical practice Anne teaches meditation courses and leads meditation retreats in the Theravadin Buddhist tradition. She currently leads a bi-weekly meditation sitting group in Calgary and conducts residential and non-residential meditation retreats.

In addition to her clinical practice, Anne is a an Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW) Mental Health Practitioner. In working with the equine healing herd clients are able to become more aware of how and when they disconnect from their emotions. They then are able to begin the process of learning to recognize and stay present with their emotional experiences. This happens when a horse is able to mirror for the clients their em otional tone or behaviour. Because horses live in a world of energy, they are particularly good at detecting emotions that humans try to hide from themselves.

Another aspect of EFW work that is very beneficial for my clients relates to present moment awareness. Horses are prey animals and as such they survive in the wild because of their ability to be present and aware of the environment on moment to moment basis. This innate equine ability helps teach the clients to bring their awareness back to the present moment.